Visy Environmental Approvals & Management Plans  


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Environmental & Management

Background to Development Approvals

Visy Pulp and Paper Tumut (VPP) is a fully integrated unbleached Kraft Pulp and Paper Mill,  located between the towns of Tumut and Adelong in the South West Slopes region of New South Wales. Development Approval for the project was obtained on 29 November 1998 pursuant to the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. This consent, subject to over 105 individual conditions, was issued for the first stage of operations with capacity of up to 300,000 tonnes per year (tpy) and increase of up to 450,000 tpy for the future mill expansion.

In May 2006, Visy sought approval from the Minister for Planning on the further increase to the future Mill expansion to 700,000 tpy. As this increase was substantially greater than the 450,000 tpy originally approved, Visy was required to prepare an Environmental Assessment for the increase in capacity for the proposed expansion.

The Visy Tumut Expansion Environmental Assessment for the 700,000 tpy was prepared and submitted to the Minister for Planning in February 2007 and approval was granted by the Minister in May 2007 pursuant to the provisions of Section 75J of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. This approval was granted subject to Concept and Project Approval Conditions issued in Schedule 2 of the approval dated 1 May 2007. Visy sought further modification to this approval in June 2007 (ref. Mod 2007) that considered Project Component Phasing Changes. The Project Component Phasing was approved under the Modification to the Instrument of Approval (06_0159 Mod 1) in August 2007.

Visy Tumut's objective is to maintain a high environmental standard. The development approval conditions are designed to assist achievement of this objective and ensure that:

  • Adverse environmental impacts are prevented or minimised
  • Standards and performance measures are set for acceptable environmental performance
  • Regular monitoring, independant auditing and annual reporting are carried out
  • Regular consultation with the community
  • Rrovide ongoing environmental management
  • Implementing best practice for pollution prevention


Environment Protection Licence

Visy Tumut operates in accordance with the conditions of the Environment Protection Licence No. 10232 issued by the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. The Licence conditions relate to pollution prevention, monitoring, reporting, complaints handling and cleaner production through recycling, waste minimisation and implementation of best practice.

Contacting Visy Pulp and Paper at Tumut

Visy encourages the community to call its 24 hour free call hotline no. 1800 117 910 (landline only) or (02) 6947 7910 from mobiles to report any urgent environmental issues or concerns in relation to operations at Visy Pulp and Paper Tumut. This includes the transporting of wood or finished product to and from Visy. All concerns raised are recorded and investigated and dealt with immediately by our trained staff and operators. 

All other enquiries can be addressed to the Visy Environmental Manager by:

  • Emailing to
  • Posting to Visy Pulp and Paper, PO Box 98, Tumut NSW 2720


Visy Community Consultative Committee

Visy actively participates in community consultation with the elected community members of the Visy Community Consultative Committee (VCCC). The VCCC's role is to represent the interests of Visy's immediate neighbours, local progress asscociation bodies, local landcare organisations, Tumut Shire Council and the broader Tumut communities to monitor Visy's compliance with the development approval and Licence conditions. For further enquiries on the role of the VCCC, please contact the Visy Environmental Manager on (02) 6947 7900.  


Development and Project Approval Conditions

Development Consent 1998 | Concept Approval 2007 | Project Approval 2007 | Modification Approval Condition 2007  | Modification Approval 2015

Environmental Management Plans

Air Quality Management Plan | Water Management Plan | Noise Management Plan | Traffic Management Plan | Soil Management Plan | Operational Environmental Management Plan

Environmental Assessments

Air Quality and Odour Performance Report | Health Risk Assessment Report | Noise Performance Report | Traffic Noise Assessment 1st Quarter | Traffic Noise Assessment 2nd Quarter | Traffic Noise Assessment 3rd Quarter | Traffic Noise Assessment 4th Quarter | Annual Environmental Report 2016Annual Environmental Report 2016 - Appendix 1 | Annual Environmental Report 2016 - Appendix 2 | Annual Environmental Report 2016 - Appendix 3Annual Environmental Report 2016 - Appendix 4 | Annual Environmental Report 2016 - Appendix 5Annual Environmental Report 2016 - Appendix  6Annual Environmental Report 2016 - Appendix 7 | Annual Environmental Report 2016 - Appendix 8Annual Environmental Report 2016 - Appendix 9 | Environmental Audit 2016 |Hazard Audit 2015

Environment Protection Licence

Environment Protection Licence - Licence No. 10232