BEVERAGE packaging

Visy is one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging.



Visy’s long-standing supply history, premium customer service and unmatched product, sector and industry knowledge put us in a uniquely advantageous position to tailor the right solution for you. From a simple brown box, to a complex, custom-designed, premium-quality printed product, our packaging is efficient and user-friendly.

As part of our commitment to innovation, Visy partner with retailers, brand owners, and manufacturers on both a domestic and global scale to ensure we have the insight to best service our customers and be quick-to-market with emerging technologies. 


Visy’s large Australiasian footprint is well-positioned to service the wine and beverage market, with strategically positioned factories near major wine growing regions

  • As part of a global supply network, Visy are amply supported around licensing and technology and have access to the research and intellectual property of our worldwide partners
  • A variety of print options, ranging from premium, litho laminate pre-printed cartons to cost-effective post-print options. Learn more about our print capabilities by clicking here
  • Market-leading, shelf-ready designs. Find out more about our shelf-ready capabilities here
  • Selectify™ is an an intuitive online tool designed in-house by Visy to simplify the user’s process by making Shelf Ready Packaging - suggestions based on specification input. Find out more here
  • Capacity to run promotions via print, coding or promotional tab inserts
  • Visy has made significant investment in beverage substrates, including fluting and beverage board, putting us at the cutting-edge of this sector
  • Access to Visy’s array of automation capabilities, including machinery, marking, and coding. Find out more about Visy Automation
  • Visy introduced Rflute™ in response to market demand for higher print quality, shelf-ready packaging. RFlute ™ is perfect for beverage shelf-ready packaging. Find out more
  • The high-end graphic capabilities of Microflute offer endless structural design alternatives. Microflute is perfect for carry-packs. Learn more.

Category Trends

Eco-friendly packaging is gaining popularity

A shift towards the online distribution of alcohol is one driver of growth in this sector. Private brands are gaining market share, and growth in the wine market in China is affording excellent export opportunities for Australian businesses. 

Eco-friendly packaging is also gaining popularity; in fact, currently around 21% (up from 8.5%) of new product launches are illustrating this trend. 

Visy are committed to staying conversant with emerging trends to ensure the most relevant solution for your beverage offering utilising all of our packaging solutions for your primary and secondary product.