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Producing high quality beverage cans
in a variety of sizes

Visy offer a wide variety of beverage cans which accommodate a broad range of products:

  • Carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices and flavoured waters

  • Energy drinks

  • Beer

  • Crafts beers and ciders

  • Wine-based products

  • RTD’s or pre-mixed spirits

To learn more about our beverage can facility and production capabilities at our Yatala QLD site, click on the video below. 


Classic Beverage Cans

Extensively used for carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, beer, cider and pre-mixed spirits.

Our range of classic beverage cans includes a traditional 206 diameter neck and end, and the enhanced 202 diameter can neck and end. Can sizes include 250ml, 330ml, 355ml, 375ml, 440ml and 500ml.

Sleek Beverage Cans

This slender design of the sleek can is often used for energy drinks, ciders and pre-mixed spirits and is available in sizes 330ml and 355ml.

Slim Beverage Cans

Adding a premium look

The slim can adds a premium look, while also providing a point of difference for coffee and tea products. Any product where portion control is important, such as carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages, also benefit from the use of the slim can. The slim can is available in sizes 200ml, 250ml, 284ml and 300ml.

Visy Beverage Can Capability

Visy Beverage Can Capability


Aluminium Bottles

Something different

Through an international alliance, Visy is able to exclusively source aluminium bottles. The innovative Fusion aluminium bottle results in a product that is cold to touch and refreshing to drink from, and to look at. From a consumer's point of view, it's certainly something different. The Fusion bottle is available in sizes 250ml and 330ml with a versatile variety of caps and lids.

Wine in a Can

A safer option than traditional glass

Wine in a can is still a new concept in Australia. There's a lot of potential for creating new market opportunities as a result of this innovation, particularly for single-serve products. Like PET beer bottles, wine in a can is a safer option than traditional glass, especially for outdoor events. Through a licensing agreement with Vinsafe, Visy is able to produce wine in a can for the Australian market, giving customers a unique opportunity of which to take advantage.

Used for: Single-serve wine at outdoor events and picnics.

Coloured Ends and Tabs

Visy offers a range of coloured end and tab combinations to the market. We can also provide tooling to stamp, etch or emboss a logo or design onto the tab, which is great for branding or promotions.

Custom Finishes

Visy offers a number of varnishes and inks to differentiate product. 

These technologies, which continue to evolve, currently include: scuff-resistant varnish, wet look/tactile finish, matte finish, soft feel 'silk', glitter effects, emboss/deboss, UV glow, thermochromic and fluoro inks, and post production end-of-line effects such as micro motion (under licence).


Beverage can innovation for
ultimate product differentiation

Visy have the experience and expertise to work with our customers from design inception to completed product. We offer high definition print design and innovative finishes, including sparkle, textured, tactile, matte and emboss/deboss.

We utilise the latest ink technologies, including fluoro and thermo colour change, and we can produce branded and coloured ends. We lead the pack in our capability to accurately replicate brand imagery onto an aluminium can, and our capacity to realise the most creative and cutting-edge beverage can design.

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