Thermotrac™ Update

28 February 2017

Visy’s science-based, customised, optimised temperature control system

The delicate nature of goods should be front-of-mind when developing packaging solutions for the fresh produce industry. Visy has a long history with the fruit and vegetable industry and we understand that delivering products to consumers in the best possible condition through the supply chain is of utmost importance to your business.

Our recent category changing innovation, Thermotrac™, optimises the ventilation of packaging using data-based modelling, meaning that we’re helping this expanding industry deliver better consumer outcomes. 

The packaging is designed to provide quicker cooling and protection of produce through the supply chain phase, delivering increased product shelf life and quality product directly to consumers - meaning your product arrives at the retail store as though it has just been picked.

Thermotrac’s™ patented design provides a more uniform cooling pattern both as an individual box or in a pallet configuration. By optimising the balance between strength and cooling efficiency, Thermotrac™ cools quickly without compromising the top-load strength of our packaging.

Cartons for the citrus export market have recently been implemented by our customers who have experienced a 10-20% improvement in the cooling rate.

We are now seeing the same positive results from Thermotrac’s™ application to the apple and berry categories.

In the apple industry, customer trials have shown a 45% improvement in forced draught cooling rates integrating the Thermotrac™ design with further opportunities of approximately 10% when incorporating the Thermotrac™ apple tray utilising the total system solution.  Trials in static cool rooms showed a 40% improvement in cooling.

The proven benefits of this fully optimised system is in it’s innovative design, with the alignment of the vents in the box and “scoops” in the tray - directing air both over the tray and around the fruit; and not under the tray as with regular trays. The redirection of air with the inclusion of Thermotrac™ results in faster cooling times and better quality fruit, particularly in the top and bottom layers of the box.

Improvements have also been identified in our exciting berry tray and punnet system which work together to to ensure temperature control through and around the punnet.

Initial lab testing of avocados, mushrooms, tomatoes, rockmelon, bananas and cherries as well as other fresh food categories such as dairy, meat, seafood, smallgoods are showing the same promising results.

We will tailor our Thermotrac™ solution to your specific requirements, ensuring that your unique needs are met through every step of the supply-chain.

For further information, please contact your local Visy Account Manager or 13 VISY (13 8479).

Visy strives to be market leader in the delivery of innovation in design and cost effective supply chain solutions.