Packaging Trends 2017

26 January 2017

Packaging Trends 2017

Insights from Visy for upcoming developments

Hello and welcome to The Level Eleven Packaging Trends 2017, a snapshot of the top 5 trends that we expect to influence the way we do business this year.

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Reality Leaves a Lot to the Imagination

Virtual, augmented and mixed realities have exploded into everyday life over the course of the last year. Following last year’s success of Pokemon Go, the use of AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) has become mainstream within gaming. New industries and brands are now exploring the opportunities with these technologies.

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If Anyone Can Have It, I Don't Want It

The millennial generation is now Australia’s largest generation, and 38% of them are in the top third of discretionary spenders in the economy. They expect to have input into their brands and with the emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence), customisation will happen easier than ever before.

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Stubborn Goals, Flexible Methods

Over the last decade or so, we have seen food trends swing between frugality and luxury. Healthy eating will continue to be the key theme in food and drink in 2017. However this year is expected to be a year of balance where consumers will be eating nutritiously but also enjoy opportunities to treat themselves.

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Clean, Calm & Clutter Free

Consumers are being bombarded with more claims and more information on packs more than ever before. The 2015 launch of Health Stars along with the 2016 launch of the new Country of Origin labelling have added mandatory information on top of the brand’s individual messages.

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Is This My Good Side?

Three to seven seconds….that's the amount of time the consumer first engages with a product on the shelf, the amount of time a product has to appeal and be chosen by the buyer. However, appealing to a consumer online is a very different task.

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The above predictions represent the thoughts of The Level Eleven on what we believe the packaging industry will see in 2017 and onwards.

Not all five forecasts will impact each category, Visy have further Insights into the more category-relevant trends that we expect to see in 2017. If you would like to discuss trends specific to your category or these over arching macro predictions above, feel free to reach out to us at