Visy - Our Future  

Our Future

At Visy, we are dedicated to investing in innovation, technology and capital equipment, our people and in customer relationships.



At Visy, we set out to give our customers world-class solutions

And as one of the world's largest privately-owned recycling and packaging companies, we're very well positioned to do this.

It's not just Visy's size that sets us apart. We like to think that we work smarter than our competitors too. Our recycling, papermaking and packaging operations are fully integrated, which makes the entire process more streamlined. Plus, we have built up a diverse range of products and services to solve pretty much any packaging problem. From beverage cans and food cans to PET and aseptic packaging, we can deliver whatever customers need. And even better - we do it in a way that's efficient and environmentally responsible.

We are dedicated to:


Investing in innovation

Each year, Visy invests many resources - both time and money - in research and development activities. Why? Because this is what allows us, and our customers, to keep up with the times (sometimes even ahead of them). We've developed a technology centre at our site in Coolaroo, Victoria, which helps us deliver even better outcomes in terms of packaging performance, products and services.


Investing in technology and capital equipment 

We're proud to be market leaders, and want to remain at the forefront of our industry. So, we invest substantially to establish operations in new markets, and also to strengthen our position in current ones. Examples of this is the construction of Visy's kraft paper mills in Tumut, NSW, and the investment in additional packaging operations, including our Plastics business. This illustrates how committed we are to cementing Visy's status as a world-leading packaging and recycling company.


Investing in our people

Without the stewardship, commitment and talent of our people, Visy simply could not have become the company it is today. We recognise the importance of identifying, training and developing our company's best people to take our business to new heights.

It is through the dedication, skills and initiative of our people that Visy has prospered and will continue to move ahead.


Investing in customer relationships

At Visy, we believe in long-term relationships. In addition to our own team here at Visy, we understand the value of our customers and suppliers. It's essential for us to work closely together with these people to enable us to achieve goals - both theirs and our own. So, we really invest in these relationships and nurture them over time. The longer we work with a customer or supplier, the better we can understand them and anticipate their needs. It's for good reason that we aim to be the most customer-orientated and cost-effective provider in the industry. After all, without our customers, we are nothing - and by helping their businesses succeed, we hope to see ours do the same.