Visy is delighted to introduce the 2019 graduate program. We want you on our team!

visy's 2019 Graduate Program

We are delighted to introduce our 2019 Graduate Program

We are seeking applications from talented and passionate Supply Chain/Logistics, Commerce, Business, Information Systems and Accounting graduates, who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career.

Our two-year Graduate Program provides an opportunity for each graduate to experience three diverse workplaces, supported throughout by a dedicated learning and development pathway. The pathway will also provide for mentoring with established leaders and managers within Visy’s business.

Register your interest at the bottom of this page under the Apply Now section, applications close 21 November 2018.

who is visy?

Fully integrated packaging and resource recovery solutions

Visy is a global leader in the packaging, paper and resource recovery industries, providing high quality, innovative and sustainable packaging products and solutions. We have been leading packaging innovation in Australia for over 60 years.

Visy operates in over 120 sites throughout Australasia and have trading offices across Asia and Europe. We are aligned to deliver integrated and sustainable solutions that enhance business success and reduce our impact on the environment.

We have a truly entrepreneurial culture, where innovation, creativity and our partnership approach combine to create amazing packaging solutions.

Our vision and values

Our vision statement embodies the global aspirations of our business and provides a unity of purpose for our workforce

Our business is built on people and relationships, from our team members who design, create and distribute our products, our suppliers and partners who support us along the way, through to our customers and the consumers who use our products every day.

Our values help us to be the best we can be as individuals, teams and as a global business, as we work towards our vision.

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Offering graduates diverse and significant work experiences

Visy is ideally positioned to offer graduates diverse and significant work experiences.  

Visy’s businesses span the full packaging supply chain - including developing new ways to process material as part of the recycling loop, creating cutting-edge primary packaging solutions for our customers’ products, and outputting high quality print and design outcomes for retail environments.

Visy offers Graduate positions across:

  • Supply Chain/Logistics,

  • Commerce

  • Business

  • Information Systems, and

  • Accounting

A short list of candidates will be invited to an interview and other steps will include referee discussions, medical checks and a psychometric assessment.

All candidates must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or hold permanent residency status. Our expectation is that each graduate has completed his/her university qualification in the past 12 months.

visy graduate benefits

  • Visy offers a wide cross-section of work opportunities for graduates across its diverse national and international business

  • You will interact with, and learn from some of the smartest and most accomplished professionals in Australia

  • We offer development pathways to advance leadership, interpersonal and technical skills that will support you through your graduate experience and set you up for your future career

  • Our carefully designed program includes formal training, graduate conferences and mentoring

  • Our graduate community will allow you to connect, share and support each other through your two-year journey and beyond



110405 Visy People-197.jpg
  • Visy is a leader in shaping the future of sustainable packaging manufacturing in Australia, and exports paper and packaging across the globe

  • We are owned by the Pratt family, and are proud of our Australian heritage and contribution to the nation and the lives of all Australians

  • With over 120 sites in Australia alone, our employees have ample opportunities to build fulfilling careers and develop to their potential

  • We work in a fast-paced operational environment, where we provide clear ownership and accountability for deliverables

Our graduates

Visy has enjoyed great success with its graduate program, resulting in a growing body of satisfied graduates that go on to build incredible careers at both Visy and in other businesses.

We are proud of all of our graduates and their accomplishments.

Below are a selection of testimonials from our current graduates.

What is your experience of the company culture?

“Simply, I love it. Despite being at the corporate head office it’s very relaxed even around executive management. My boss and my team are very accommodating and there is great cohesion.”

Adam Meiorin, Corporate Accountant

“Most of the people I work with have been with Visy for over a decade, this shows that there is longevity within the company. I have found a lot of people willing to share what they know and assist you in your work.”

Kane Palmer, Graduate Mechanical Engineer

What opportunities did the Visy Graduate Program provide you?

“I have been involved in projects that contribute to overall Visy strategic goals. To be part of such a significant project is not something I expected to be exposed to immediately. I have also had the opportunity to travel around Australia and New Zealand.”

Joel Haddow, Visy Fibre Packaging, National Technical Mechanical Engineer

“I have contributed in meetings with key directors, attended multiple site visits and have been paired with a mentor. Additionally, I have the freedom to pursue my ideas that align with my project goals.”

Yuval Shavit, Graduate Design Engineer

What attracted you to the Visy Graduate Program?

“The straightforward application process. Other graduate programs have very lengthy processes that could deter many graduates, such as long questionnaires, 8- 10 step application processes, etc.”

Raine Wong, Graduate Chemical Engineer

“The opportunity to grow professionally and gain skills that are not directly offered through university life.”

Steven Toppi, Project Engineer (I&I)

What skills from your degree did you utilise in the Graduate Program?

“My ability to learn and digest information quickly has been the most useful skill that I utilise every day. The ability to think on my feet and stay calm under pressure has also helped.”

Shihab Azkar, Graduate Mechanical Engineer

“Technical skills without a doubt but most importantly, team work, accountability and communication skills. Soft skills are invaluable.”

Raine Wong, Graduate Chemical Engineer

What have been the highlights of your Graduate Program experience thus far?

“Going out to various sites and seeing the manufacturing operations, gaining a wealth of new knowledge other than just accounting and finance.”

Adam Meiorin, Corporate Accountant

“The highlight of the Graduate Program thus far is being involved in several projects where I have been able to learn about the customer’s business and develop solutions for their issues.”

Michael Savoulidis, Graduate Designer


What do you enjoy most about working at Visy?

“I enjoy engaging with senior management and having the opportunity to learn from these individuals who are open to sharing their experiences and challenges.”

Joel Haddow, Visy Fibre Packaging, National Technical Mechanical Engineer

“I enjoy working as a part of a team where everyone is given the opportunity to contribute. The independence of dealing with the day to day challenges are rewarding and make every day unique.”

John Hrambanis, Graduate Mechanical Engineer (Primary Packaging)


What is your favourite part/most challenging aspect about working at Visy?

“The biggest challenge and interesting part about Visy is learning about an industry that is not taught at university and applying that knowledge as quickly as possible.”

Michael Savoulidis, Graduate Designer

“The rewarding feeling of working on projects from the conceptual stage until completion.”

Yuval Shavit, Graduate Design Engineer

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For further information relating to each individual graduate position or to apply, click on the link below taking you to our Grad Australia page.