At Visy, we have a whole division that specialises in Point Of Sale (POS).

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At Visy, we have a whole division that specialises in Point Of Sale (POS). Its focus is to give our customers the most creative, exciting, eye-catching POS solutions around. From concept design to manufacturing, fulfilment and distribution, Visy has it covered - which is great for customers as it means they have a single point of contact for all things POS.

Visy's design team is devoted to pushing the boundaries with new and innovative POS solutions. With their wealth of knowledge and creativity, they meet challenges head-on and find stand-out solutions. Imagine what they could bring to your next campaign.


Visy is recognised as an industry leader in the field of POS displays, with a complete range to meet all of your promotional and advertising support requirements.


Our solutions:

  • Conceptual design
  • Brief completion
  • Warehousing
  • Fulfilment
  • Distribution services


Temporary displays

From concept to completion, we develop cost effective and creative cardboard displays that help maximise in-store sales.


Semi-permanent and permanent displays

We understand the importance of carefully matching the right materials to your brief and can incorporate a whole range of materials including metals, plastics and timbers into your design. 

We can also produce fresh, fun and functional displays designed to remain in-store for an extended time.


High impact printing

With our full suite of in-house offset, digital and flexographic printing options, we can find a way to print on to all sorts of materials - from paper to cardboard and plastic. Whether you need a simple printed sheet or a complex 3D structure, Visy has the resources and capabilities to ensure your next campaign is a hit.


Conceptual Design

Visy's unique mix of in-house design capabilities brings a whole new dimension to our customers' POS. There's nothing we love more than coming up with a ground-breaking concept that hits the mark in terms of creativity and functionality.


Visy offers

  • Specialists in point of sale (POS), packaging, and print for promotion
  • Conceptual, graphic and structural design services
  • Sampling, mock-ups and prototyping
  • High-end visuals
  • Supply chain solutions 

Structural Design

If you have an idea that you'd like to make more concrete, we can help by converting it into a live technical drawing. All you have to do is tell us what you have in mind, and we'll bring your concept to life, in real time - right in front of your eyes.



Lithographic printing

Image reproduction is an important part of packaging aesthetics. A high-quality image can really help add to the appeal of packaging on shelf, catch a consumer's eye, and ultimately help it succeed in the market.

At Visy, we offer lithographic printing - a high-end printing process that reproduces clear, sharp, full-coloured images on various types of packaging. With Visy's up-to-the-minute printing technology, this can be achieved by printing directly onto 100% recycled fibre or environmentally-friendly kraft paper, then laminating this paper onto corrugated board. Our printing processes allow for six colours plus varnish to maximise impact. Lithographic printing also allows for accurate, intricate die-cutting, which makes it ideal for packaging purposes.

When image counts, customers can opt for premium lithographic printing. This is done using state-of-the-art, large format printers, which produce unrivalled colour reproduction that can be further enhanced by a range of varnishes. In-house pre-press and converting resources, including board-making, laminating, forme-cutting and gluing means your job is controlled from start to finish - all under one roof.

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