Fruit & Produce

Fruit and fresh produce is delicate stuff. So when designing packaging for these industries, Visy's aim is to protect and enhance product quality. Thanks to our packaging, perishable goods can be delivered undamaged and enjoyed by consumers in the best condition possible.

Our innovative designs consider a number of factors:

  • Fragility and longevity of the product
  • Location and nature of handling and packaging
  • Temperature controlled conditions, such as cool room storage
  • Transportation method
  • Display and stacking strength of boxes

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One Touch Produce Packaging

At Visy, we know that different types of produce have very specific requirements. So, we've worked together with growers, packers and supermarkets throughout Australia to develop the One Touch Produce Packaging range.

This range is designed to give the produce industry the flexibility it needs. With One Touch Produce Packaging, produce is better protected while in transit, so it arrives fresher. And One Touch isn't just better for the fruit and vegies - it helps reduce handling and makes displaying produce easier, so it's better for workers too.

Why One Touch Produce Packaging?

  • Greater flexibility to fit the needs of each product:
    • Ventilation alternatives to control airflow
    • Height specification to minimise headspace
    • Board grade for stacking strength
    • Internal cushioning to protect produce
  • Delivered as required
    • No additional costs for time in storage
    • Deposit/refund accounting for costs associated with washing, retuning, management and loss of packaging
  • Manufactured to accommodate supermarket requirements
  • Product specific or generic designs
  • Machine and hand-erected styles
  • Boxes with or without lids
  • Printed end panels and outers to maintain branding
  • Modular 6 and 12 per layer footprints
  • Redirection of packed fruit without any packaging cost blowouts

Our solutions

  • Machine erected trays and boxes
  • Hand-erected trays and boxes
  • Bulk bins
  • VisoPost boxes
  • Envirofresh boxes
  • Export boxes