Governance and Compliance


In 2007, the Visy Australasia Governance Board was established to oversee the strategic direction of the group with a much greater emphasis on corporate governance. 

The Visy Australasia Governance Board role and responsibilities include:

  • Continuously identifying and measuring risks that might impact upon the achievement of Visy's financial, strategic and operational objectives;
  • Monitoring the performance of, and continuously improving, the effectiveness of risk management systems and internal compliance and controls
  • Ensuring that Visy's business activities adopt best corporate governance practices and comply with all legal requirements.

Visy remains committed to the challenge of building and entrenching a sustainable governance and compliance framework. The Visy Australasia Governance Board will continue to oversee, monitor and improve the effectiveness of this framework in all areas including legal and regulatory compliance, health and safety, environment, trade practices and employment obligations.


The Visy Australasian Governance Board Members are as follows:

Mr Allan Fels (Chairman - Non Executive Director)

Mr Greg Janes (Non Executive Director)

Mr John Wheeler (Chief Operating Officer)

Mr Vin O'Halloran (Group Finance Director)

Mr Robert Kaye (General Counsel and Company Secretary)

Mr Terry Salipas (Director Finance and Shared Services)


Visy Policies

Code of Conduct - [Click to View]
Child and Forced Labour - [Click to View]
Competition and Consumer Law Compliance Policy - [Click to View] 
Complaints Handling Policy - [Click to View] 
Whistleblower and Improper Conduct Policy - [Click to View]

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