Cardboard Boxes

Visy is one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging.

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Cardboard Boxes

Visy is one of Australia's leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes. Made from recycled fibre and kraft paper, our boxes are supplied to a range of industries including:

  • Fruit and Produce
  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood
  • Beverage and Dairy
  • Snack and Pizza

Obviously boxes are needed for all sorts of things - so we produce them in all manner of shapes, sizes, gauges and configurations. Common structures are:

  • Single face - comprised of one corrugated medium and one liner
  • Single wall board (or double faced) - one corrugated medium between two liners
  • Twin cushion board (or double wall) - two corrugated mediums between three liners
  • Triple wall board - three corrugated mediums between four liners
  • Duo-arch board - two mediums which are adhered together, then corrugated
  • Solid fibre board - non corrugated, comprises a number of ply paper adhered together

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Fruit & Produce

Fruit and fresh produce is delicate stuff. So when designing packaging for these industries, Visy's aim is to protect and enhance product quality. Thanks to our packaging, perishable goods can be delivered and enjoyed by consumers in the best condition possible.

Our innovative designs consider a number of factors:

  • Fragility and longevity of the product
  • Location and nature of handling and packaging
  • Temperature controlled conditions, such as cool room storage
  • Transportation method
  • Display and stacking strength of boxes


One Touch Produce Packaging

At Visy, we know that different types of produce have very specific requirements. So, we've worked together with growers, packers and supermarkets throughout Australia to develop the One Touch Produce Packaging range.

This range is designed to give the produce industry the flexibility it needs. With One Touch Produce Packaging, produce is better protected while in transit, so it arrives fresher. And One Touch isn't just better for the fruit and vegies - it helps reduce handling and makes displaying produce easier, so it's better for workers too.


Why One Touch Produce Packaging?

  • Greater flexibility to fit the needs of each product:
    • Ventilation alternatives to control airflow
    • Height specification to minimise headspace
    • Board grade for stacking strength
    • Internal cushioning to protect produce
  • Delivered as required
    • No additional costs for time in storage
    • Deposit/refund accounting for costs associated with washing, retuning, management and loss of packaging
  • Manufactured to accommodate supermarket requirements
  • Product specific or generic designs
  • Machine and hand-erected styles
  • Boxes with or without lids
  • Printed end panels and outers to maintain branding
  • Modular 6 and 12 per layer footprints
  • Redirection of packed fruit without any packaging cost blowouts


Our solutions

  • Machine erected trays and boxes
  • Hand-erected trays and boxes
  • Bulk bins
  • VisoPost boxes
  • Envirofresh boxes
  • Export boxes

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Meat, smallgoods, poultry and seafood all need to be given special attention. So Visy pioneered an extra special way of packaging them - by using tailored corrugated cardboard packaging.

These innovative designs incorporate every feature these products could need. Do we have solutions that are light-weight, insulated, leak-proof and grease resistant? Absolutely. Our packaging has even been developed to food-grade standards, so producers and customers alike can feel happy knowing their goods are arriving in top condition - whether it's a kilo of fresh prawns or a premium steak.

In terms of efficiency, these solutions have also made a difference to the packaging process. For example, Visy developed a unique coating for the boxes, which means meat no longer has to be pre-wrapped in plastic. Suddenly, an entire process could be removed from meat packaging lines, saving time and money.

In a nutshell, Visy's innovative meat, poultry and seafood packaging solutions are good for business - and great for the end product.


Our solutions

  • Poly-free leak-proof cartons
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
  • High-stacking strength cartons for chilling rooms
  • Fast-chill/freeze cartons
  • Tamper-proof, lid-sealing systems
  • Coated products to improve box performance
  • Retail ready meat packaging for supermarkets and retail stores

Beverage & Dairy

Drink containers don't just have to keep drinks insulated and protected. They have to be portable and practical for consumers too. It's with this in mind that Visy has created an extensive range of corrugated cardboard boxes for beverage and dairy producers.

Our specialised solutions range from micro-flute carry packs and six bottle cartons, to pre-printed boxes for wine, beer, soft drink, water and juice. Not only do they help show off products at their best, these designs incorporate features such as carry handles and partition inserts. So they're not just attractive and efficient, they're user friendly too.


Micro-flute packaging

Our micro-flute range is the perfect solution for beverage and dairy products in pretty much every way. For starters, our versatile designs are highly practical. Made of high-strength, light-weight material, they include features like carry handles and easy-opening panels, which enhance user appeal. On top of that, our micro-flute products boast a superior print surface that allow graphics be presented beautifully.

Initially used in the beverage market, micro-flute is now used for many other consumer products too, including food, dairy, frozen food and pet food.


Otor packaging

Visy holds exclusive rights in Australia to the Otor corrugated beverage container designs and packaging systems.

The Otor system is perfect for the packaging of bottles and cans. It includes a range of innovative functional container designs, including the eight-sided box design which provides enhanced product protection, greater stacking strength and crush resistance.

Benefits of Otor packaging include:

  • Automatic forming, filling, partition inserting and closing at high speeds
  • Greater point of sale appeal
  • Incorporation of handles on containers


Our solutions

  • Multi-stacked corrugated containers
  • Boxes for cans and PET bottles
  • Wine casks
  • 6/12 bottle wine boxes
  • Bag-in-box
  • Microflute carry packs

Snack & Pizza

What makes one pizza box better than another? If you're not sure, just ask Visy. We lead the way in packaging for both pizza and snack foods.

We use our in-house, high-strength kraft paper to make pizza boxes that are strong, well-presented and recyclable. Customers can either go for one of our generic box designs, or one that's custom-made - either in full colour, or with a more basic print.

Visy also makes a great range of micro-flute snack food boxes. We can tailor solutions to give products stand-out shelf presence, including high-quality glossy boxes, shelf-ready display cartons and outer packaging cartons.

Heavy Duty Boxes

Not all products are easy to pack - in fact some are large, heavy or just downright awkward. Luckily, Visy has the expertise and experience to create cost-effective packaging solutions for even the most difficult products.

Our heavy duty boxes are an excellent alternative to less-efficient packaging options (think timber crates, storage bins, sacks and metal or plastic drums). They've been specifically developed to meet packaging specifications and distribution needs, and can make production more efficient by cutting down the handling required.

In terms of efficiency, our heavy duty boxes are also a great option. Made from high-performing board grades, such as Visy Tri-Wall, they're delivered flat and are easy to assemble, which can reduce total costs.

Visy's skilled team of designers has a wealth of experience in the technical requirements needed for heavy-duty packaging - and we're happy to work with you to design a package suitable for your product, supply chain and end user. Our design team can offer advice, prototype construction and physical testing, and we relish the challenge of coming up with cost-effective solutions.


Our solutions

  • Packaging suitable for solids and liquids products
  • Packaging suitable for hazardous materials
  • Quick and easy-to-erect options
  • Flat fold - reducing storage and return freight costs
  • Column-stackable options to save warehouse space
  • Load unitisation
  • Low-tare weight
  • Packaging that is reusable and recyclable
  • Fully printable boxes available in a range of sizes

Visy's heavy-duty board combinations are used by some of Australia's leading automotive, industrial and consumer goods manufacturers.


Whether it be reducing weight or producing a better print quality, at Visy we're always looking at new materials to improve product packaging for our customers. 

RFlute™ is a new thinner type of corrugated fluting, designed for shelf ready packaging, wraparounds for self supporting packs and frozen food packaging.

Compared to the current industry standard B flute, RFlute™ has corrugated flutes that are smaller and closer. Why is this great? 

  • Improved printing surface provides a higher quality post print
  • More precise, cleaner diecutting
  • Less waste in the manufacturing process
  • Better product containment and protection for self-supporting products
  • Improved shelf ready packaging results
  • Up to 25% more boxes can fit on a pallet providing both supply chain and environmental benefits

Self supporting packaging

The producers of a range of wine packs for Europe have taken advantage of the superb printing characteristics to increase appeal at the point of sale. The containment strength of RFlute™ also lends itself to be a great material for self-supporting products.


Shelf ready packaging

The Saucy Fish Company in the UK use RFlute™ to securely hold their inner cartons to present full facings of their primary pack to the customer. The improved diecutting and print quality make this corrugation perfect for shelf ready applications.


Need more information?

For more information about RFlute™ please contact your Visy Account Manager.

Carton Board

Visy aims to provide the highest level of capability to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, healthcare and veterinary industries.

Visy's has been providing specialist solutions to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, healthcare and veterinary industries for many years. These include:

  • Folding cartons
  • Pharmaceutical adhesive labels
  • Pharmaceutical leaflets

By focusing on the highest level of customer service, we have built up many long-term relationships with customers. This not only helps us understand their needs, but the ins and outs of the industries they work within.



Visy aims to provide the highest level of capability to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, healthcare and veterinary industries. We offer a range of features to suit the industry's specific needs:

  • High-quality print surfaces and superior machine performance
  • Press formats for short, medium and large production runs
  • Application of radio frequency tags
  • Application of holograms
  • Insertion of die-cut folded leaflets
  • Anti-counterfeit techniques
  • Electronic security verification
  • Vision inspection and product segregation devices to ensure non-contamination
  • Braille
  • Label or radio frequency tag insertion
  • Foil stamping

The Leafsert® carton

Visy wanted to create a solution that allowed consumers to access product information more easily. And so, the Leafsert® carton was born. This innovative all-in-one carton and leaflet was developed in-house, and involves a die-cut leaflet being glued inside its carton for easier access. The Leafsert® carton also offers a range of other benefits, including:

  • Eliminating inventory handling
  • Removing a process from the packing line
  • Increasing line efficiencies
  • Reducing the cost of manufacture
  • Presenting a more user-friendly and neater solution to the consumer
  • Providing a point of difference in a competitive market


Labels & Leaflets

At Visy, we offer more than just product labels, we offer technical solutions that can transform your current materials handling process.

We meet quality assurance requirements for labels through: 

  • Sequential numbering and reconciliation
  • Security counting
  • Pharma-code and vision inspections
  • Automated sampling techniques
  • Certificate of Conformance to specification with each item


Our Labeleaflet® product is an all-in-one label and leaflet that wraps around bottles. Developed in-house, it offers a cost-effective and consumer-friendly alternative to other packaging formats.

Once upon a time, customers had to produce a bottle with a label, put it in a box and insert a leaflet. Now, they can simply produce a bottle with a Labeleaflet® applied. This is great for a whole number of reasons - by eliminating the outer carton and separate leaflet, it reduces costs, inventory holding, carton erecting process and labour.



Visy manufactures leaflets to the highest standard. We can print, cut and fold leaflets to a range of sizes and styles. Our leaflets can be supplied in formats that are:

  • Integral to labels or cartons
  • Supplied in a reconciled roll form
  • Supplied sheeted or folded ready for production

As a specialist printer, we print our leaflets through a roll-fed process. This process, along with our rigorous quality assurance program and visual inspection systems, ensure the quality of each label.

Design & Print

Visy offers a range of printing options for cardboard boxes, based on the product, the supply chain and the end usage:


Visy pioneered the pre-printing process in Australia and still leads the way, with one of the largest and most sophisticated pre-print operations in the world. Pre-print involves printing onto the external board prior to its manufacture into corrugated board.

Visy's pre-print facility is located at Coolaroo, Victoria. Visy's state-of-the art technology gives us the capacity to print multiple background colours simultaneously, as well as apply UV varnish to give the end product a higher quality finish, brighter colours and greater resistance to water and scuffing.

With the aid of computerised design technology, customers have access to high-resolution graphics for paper and packaging products. Pre-print best suits large print runs, and therefore offers a great solution for customers wanting their packaging to have great visual appeal, but at a very competitive price.  

Visy established the pre-print division in response to growing demand from customers for quality colour printing on corrugated cardboard. We now supply coated and preprint liners to all of Visy's board factories in Australia in addition to servicing export and external customers.

Our pre-print facility can print on paper widths up to 2.8m wide and on reels up to 10,000 lineal metres in length.


Topack printing

Topack printing achieves a high print resolution by applying water-based ink to pre-corrugated board, and can provide prints in up to five colours plus varnish. Visy's Topack printing facility is based in Victoria and prints and converts to cartons at the one location. This process is suitable for all print runs, however it may not be cost effective where significant freight distance is involved. 


Lithographic printing

Image reproduction is an important part of packaging aesthetics. A high-quality image can really help add to the appeal of packaging on shelf, catch a consumer's eye, and ultimately help it succeed in the market.

At Visy, we offer lithographic printing - a high-end printing process that reproduces clear, sharp, full-coloured images on various types of packaging. With Visy's up-to-the-minute printing technology, this can be achieved by printing directly onto 100% recycled fibre or environmentally-friendly kraft paper, then laminating this paper onto corrugated board. Our printing processes allow for six colours plus varnish to maximise impact. Lithographic printing also allows for accurate, intricate die-cutting, which makes it ideal for packaging purposes.

When image counts, customers can opt for premium lithographic printing. This is done using state-of-the-art, large format printers, which produce unrivalled colour reproduction that can be further enhanced by a range of varnishes. In-house pre-press and converting resources, including board-making, laminating, forme-cutting and gluing means your job is controlled from start to finish - all under one roof.



Post-print involves printing on the corrugated sheet used for cartons after it has been manufactured. This process allows the reproduction of four colours using water-based inks, and is the most common printing process used for corrugated packaging. Post-print is suitable for all print runs and is highly cost effective.

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