Beverage Cartons

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Beverage Cartons

Visy has a dedicated Beverage Cartons team, which provides a range of products and services to the beverage industry. On top of that, we have relationships with some of the world's leading suppliers of beverage cartons.

In Australasia, Visy holds the licence for SIG Combibloc (Switzerland) and Elopak (Norway). These partnerships are complemented by our Technology and Innovation Centre, which provides the technical expertise to our in-field team to ensure that the equipment is correctly installed and runs at its best. 

Our Beverage Cartons business has three main areas: service, operations and technical, and manufacturing. We can offer customers:

  • Test filling
  • Package design
  • Filling machines
  • Tailored servicing options
  • Support and training, including machine operator training in our own training centres
  • End line (packing and palletising)
  • Fitments / straws
  • Technical service and maintenance on site
  • Spare parts delivery worldwide
  • Project management
  • Sleeves


Our solutions

  • combibloc® aseptic packaging systems 
  • Pure-Pak fresh® gable packaging systems

Aseptic Packaging

To provide customers with even more packaging options, Visy has partnered with SIG Combibloc. As one of the world's leading system suppliers of carton packaging and filling machines, they offer aseptic packaging options for beverages and food. From packaging materials to filling machines, SIG Combibloc provides entire solutions - which means Visy can offer the same.


About combibloc®

The carton range combibloc® is a shelf-stable, fully integrated aseptic carton system. It provides flexible, long-life packaging for a range of products in cartons that won't dent or break. What does that mean? In a nutshell, combibloc® is ideal for food and beverages that need long-life packaging at ambient temperatures, such as long-life milk.

combibloc® has the pack strength to perform throughout the supply chain. The high-speed filling and flexibility of combibloc machines gives our customers more flexibility in UHT processing and packaging. With significant advantages over other forms of aseptic packaging, Visy can provide two formats, six different volumes and twelve different packs on the one machine.

Ambient storage capability and a space-efficient shape also means that combibloc® can reduce distribution costs significantly. The large print surface on combibloc® cartons delivers a high impact on shelf, so they not only stand out in the marketplace, they're perfect for special promotions.


Our solutions

Visy produces the combibloc® carton in the sizes from 125ml to 2L.

Used for: Dairy, juice, soup and liquid cooking stock

Fresh Packaging

To enable us to offer even more innovative solutions, Visy has partnered with Elopak. This global packaging company not only specialises in innovative premium packaging solutions, they have an immensely strong global network. Currently, Elopak is operating on every continent in the world, with a network of market units and associates in more than 40 countries.

As licensor of Elopak's products for the Australasian market, Visy is able to use their international expertise and product technology, and apply it to our local packaging market.


About Pure-Pak

With a shelf life of between 14 and 60 days, Pure-Pak® cartons give extended chilled supply chains a huge advantage. They consist of a laminated liquid paperboard that has been specially developed for a wide variety of uses, and lends itself especially to products that are exported or distributed interstate.

The Pure-Pak® system is cost-effective with low-energy consumption, rapid size changing, low-wastage levels and ease of maintenance. Visy supply a wide range of carton shapes and sizes to use with this system and offer a number of print qualities, closures and optional carton windows to suit customer needs. We also design and install carton-filling systems, including all down-line equipment.


Our solutions

At Visy, we work with our customers to improve the Pure-Pak® offering to ensure it continues to meet the evolving needs of consumers. Visy produces Pure-Pak® in sizes from 250ml to 2L.

Used for: milk, soup and detergent

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