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Visy is a leading, privately owned packaging and resource recovery company, with more than 120 sites across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam and trading offices across Asia, Europe and the USA.

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At Visy we've always looked at things differently. Where most see waste, we see opportunity. 

This innovative nature is stronger today than ever before. Not happy to rest on our achievements, we now strive to create a world where rubbish is a thing of the past and everything is recyclable.

At the same time, we are seeking new ways to package the world. Ones that make transport more efficient, create less waste and wow people when they see our creations on the shelves.


Our Company

At Visy, it's in our nature to challenge things. We're not happy to settle for the same old solutions time and time again - after all, the world around us is always evolving, so we believe we should do the same.

So instead of sticking to what's 'good enough', we're on a mission to do something truly great. We're always pushing the envelope to find new and better ways of doing things - whether it's creating an eye-catching piece of packaging or streamlining our production processes.

It's this culture of innovation that's led to Visy becoming a leader. Where others saw waste, we saw potential. Now, we not only start with recycled materials, we finish with recyclable products - and create less waste along the way.

While we're proud of how far we've come, we know the journey's far from over. Now, we're aiming for a future where everything that touches us can be recycled, and where waste is a thing of the past. And we're not stopping until we get there.


About Us

In 1948, Visy started out in Melbourne as a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard boxes. From these modest beginnings, it has since grown to become one of the world's leading packaging, paper and recycling companies. Now, Visy employs over 5,500 staff and operates in over 120 sites across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam and trading offices across Asia, Europe and the USA. Visy also has a 'sister' company, Pratt Industries USA, which employs a further 3,500 staff in North America.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Visy does. As well as providing packaging to some of the world's best known brands, Visy also offers recycling solutions. It's our goal to meet the needs of our customers, while efficiently using and reusing scarce resources.

So what makes a Visy packaging solution special? Well, it depends on who you ask. Our customers come from a wide range of industries, and we create packaging to suit their specific requirements. Visy packaging does everything from preserve and protect a product, to help enhance it. 

Beyond the actual manufacturing of products, Visy also runs collection and recycling services across Australia and New Zealand. This helps us to take responsibility for our products after they've fulfilled the purpose for which they were initially made. We work hard to reduce the waste that goes to landfill and minimise the use of water and energy. In Australia, we've been at the forefront of recycling for many years - in FY2012-13 alone, we processed recyclables from more than 3.2 million households. Pretty impressive stuff - especially when you take into account all the businesses, hospitals and schools we also work with.

The actual impact Visy has on the world is huge. In FY2013-14 we produced more than 730,000 tonnes of fibre packaging, 494 million steel food cans, 1.5 billion beverage cans, 823 million beverage cartons, 2.2 billion plastic containers and 1.8 billion plastic preforms. So, no matter who you are or the type of lifestyle you lead, you're almost certain to have come into contact with Visy products.

However the big numbers don't stop there - we're proud to say that in the same year we recovered over 1.6 million tonnes of paper and cardboard, 265,000 tonnes of glass, 90,000 tonnes of plastics and 30,000 tonnes of metals (things like aluminium and steel cans) to be recycled and ultimately given a new life. It's all part of our goal to ensure we leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.

In FY2013-14 we produced more than 2.2 billion plastic containers

In FY2013-14 we produced more than 2.2 billion plastic containers

Visy's Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of recycling, paper and packaging products and services, via a dynamic business model that fosters innovative, sustainable solutions for superior returns.

We're always working to improve our business - either by building on our current strengths or investing in new activities. Our vision emphasises:

  • Working with customers to increase their profit through smart solutions
  • Continuing to build our world-class team of people
  • Building on our strengths to lay the foundation for future growth
  • Accelerating our innovation and technology initiatives
  • Enhancing our leadership position in environmental and sustainability initiatives
  • Upgrading our systems, processes and procedures, with an emphasis on governance



While always happy to have our efforts recognised, we don’t rest on our achievements, always seeking to improve our effectiveness, efficiency and offering across the board.


Best in Category Packaging for 2014 - Lion supplier award to Visy Beverage Can.

Best Coles Brand Packaging (co-awarded to Visy and Schweppes for the 100% recycled PET water bottle range) - 2014.

Food and Drink Business Best New Product 2013: Alcoholic Beverages - for Tap King (Visy’s Insights and Innovation team led a 3-year development program of the first-to-market dispensing technology in partnership with market-leader Lion).

2013 Asian Manufacturing Award for Innovation in Food & Beverage for Visy’s multilayered Plastic Barrier Jar

INNOVATION Lion Supplier award presented to Visy for Tap King - 2014

ACHIEVING TOGETHER Lion Supplier award to Visy Board for exceptional quality, service and can do attitude in working on new products - 2014

Our Partners

Visy is fortunate to partner with a variety of globally-renowned brands, that assist us to deliver excellence across all channels of our business, locally and internationally. Below are some of Visy’s esteemed partners:

Polyone (formerly Colormatrix) - A leading global innovator and provider, Polyone specialise in polymers materials, services and solutions. Products include liquid colour and additives for plastics manufacturing which are used to improve the aesthetics, sustainability, performance and processing of plastic packaging. Polyone also makes additives that provide improved oxygen and light barrier properties for PET rigid packaging. Incorporating Polyone's leading polymer technologies assists Visy in providing innovative and value-creating offerings in plastic packaging to our customers.

Graham Packaging - Graham Packaging is Visy's licensor of PET and Polyolefin blow-molded products and manufacturing technologies. Graham Packaging is a global leader in the design, sale, and manufacture of value-added, custom blow-molded plastic containers for branded foods and beverages, personal care and specialty products, household products, chemical-based products, and automotive lubricants. Access to their design, engineering, and manufacturing technologies allows rapid development of innovative custom packaging solutions for Visy's customer base.

Elopak - Elopak is an international supplier of paper-based packaging solutions for liquid food. Based in Norway, and wholly owned by the Ferd Group (one of Norway's largest privately owned industrial groups), Elopak is continually developing its expertise to match changing demands for packaged food. As licensor of Elopak's products for the Australasian market, Visy is able to apply their international expertise and product technology to our local packaging market.

SIG - SIG Combibloc is Visy's licensor for aseptically-filled carton packaging and filling machines for beverages and food. The company is a leading global packaging organisation, supplying complete systems including both the packaging materials and the corresponding filling machines. Since 2015, SIG has been part of the Canadian-based private equity company, Onex Corporation. SIG Combibloc draws on the skills and experience of more than 5,000 employees in more than 40 countries. The SIG partnership has enabled Visy to better understand emerging global market trends in the beverage carton market. The recent prominence of globalisation has further highlighted the importance of understanding and building on customer relationships on a larger scale, as opposed to just locally. Key monthly reviews occur in which opportunities for sales, marketing and technical improvements are shared and acted upon.  

Pira - Visy uses the services and expertise of the packaging food safety laboratories at Smithers Pira in the UK. The labs are world-respected in their expertise in food safety and accredited test laboratories and serve the need for an independent 3rd party professional opinion.

PTI (Plastic Technologies) - Plastic Technologies Inc (PTI) is recognised worldwide for plastic package design, package development, rapid prototyping, pre-production prototyping, and material evaluation engineering for the plastic packaging industry. PTI is engaged on a project basis to provide technical support for product development which ensures optimised project and product delivery for Visy and its customers.

Rexam - UK-based Rexam is a leading global beverage can maker, with 55 manufacturing sites across 23 countries. Sharing an exclusive technology partnership with Rexam has enabled Visy to remain at the forefront of beverage can production and innovation across Australia and New Zealand.

Deakin University - Deakin University has a longstanding record of utilising cutting-edge information technology and material sciences research. Visy and Deakin continue to collaborate on both niche and emerging research fields, as well as a broad range of design-led innovation projects.

Swinburne University - Swinburne University's state-of-the-art research and design centres focus on responding to industry, government and community priorities. Visy and Swinburne have worked in concert for many years to innovate and educate across a variety of endeavours.

RMIT - RMIT is a global university of technology and design and Australia's original tertiary institution. Part of RMIT's vision is to connect, through active partnerships with professions, industries and organisations to support the quality, reach and impact of our education and research. Visy and RMIT have a long-standing work history, and in recent years, Visy and the new Centre for Design and Society have worked on many projects involving sustainability and the implications on packaging design.

ACMI (Bottling & Packaging Systems) - Visy brings ACMI’s best practice solutions for the food and beverage industry to Australia through our national sales and technical support team. Differentiated by their technical design and depth of in-house process specialisation, ACMI have specialised for over 30 years in packaging and palletising solutions including conveying, layer forming, palletising, de-palletising, handle application, pallet wrapping, stretch sleeving and complete turn-key Line delivery. With a customer list boasting a host of globally recognised brands, ACMI is now exceeding €50 million a year in sales, making them a leading global player in the industry.

Boix - Visy is the largest supplier of Boix tray erecting equipment in Australia and continues to provide expert sales, technical and maintenance support nationally. Visy has worked closely with Boix for decades ensuring high quality, safety and reliable operation for a wide range of Australian tray designs and corrugated board grades. The Boix philosophy, which is evident in every machine we integrate, is one of robust design, a high quality of materials and workmanship, and ease of operation and versatility.

CSW (Can Systems Worldwide) - For over a decade Visy has represented CSW in Australia and New Zealand. CSW manufacture a range of can end feeding, de-bagging and accumulating systems for the beverage can and food can markets. Both semi-automatic and fully automatic systems perform the operation of feeding can-ends to seaming machines, unwrapping can-ends from their paper bags and accumulating both un-wrapped and rolls of wrapped can-ends. Their systems are able to automatically de-palletise the rolls, making the process, from pallet to seamed can, nearly completely automated. CSW machines are precision-built in The Netherlands to the highest quality. Visy provide local sales, technical support and on-going maintenance via our national Automation team.



1948 - Modest beginnings

With a £1,000 loan from Richard Pratt's aunt, Ida Visbord, Visy began as a partnership between the Pratt, Plotka and Feldman families. From the very start, the early signs were there that this would be a company with a sustainable future - the first corrugator used by Visy was made from recycled scrap metal.

Richard Pratt with his parents Paula and Leon Pratt

Richard Pratt with his parents Paula and Leon Pratt


1950s and 60s - Building a sustainable business

Visy steadily built its customer base by establishing a reputation for strong customer service, competitive prices and innovation.
These were the key pillars that guaranteed a sustainable base from which the Visy business could expand - and they endure until this day.

1969 - Start of a new era

Richard Pratt becomes Chairman of Visy after his father Leon's death.
With an annual turnover of $5 million and workforce of more than 200 employees, Visy entered a new and exciting phase of expansion.

1970s - Geographical expansion  

Through the 1970's, Visy established new plants at Warwick Farm in Sydney, and also in Victoria and Queensland. By the early twenty-first century, Visy was to become one of the largest employers in a number of regional communities, including Tumut in NSW and Wodonga in Victoria.

1978 - Establishing a charitable tradition

The Pratt Foundation was established by Richard and Jeanne Pratt with the vision of helping a wide range of people in the community. The funds support areas including medical research, education, the arts, religion and the relief of poverty.

Visit theprattfoundation.org

1980s - Leading the recycling movement

In the late 70's and early 80's, Visy opened its first paper recycling mills. It was an investment that not only recognised the need to use our resources more sustainably, but also put Visy at the forefront of the recycling movement.

1990s - Global expansion

Visy continued to grow, acquiring box plants and building a paper recycling mill in the United States. This led to Pratt Industries USA signing a waste paper recycling contract with the City of New York in 1995, making them responsible for recycling 150,000 tonnes of the city's waste paper every year. Certainly not a venture for the faint hearted!

1998 - World class, environmentally sustainable manufacturing and recycling facilities

Visy was determined to build and operate a pulp and paper mill that was sustainable in every sense of the word - and settled on the town of Tumut as its location. Every aspect of the $450 million mill set the highest environmental standards, from design to implementation. At the same time, the mill was able to deliver substantial economic and social benefits to Tumut and surrounding communities.

2000s - One of the world's largest privately owned packaging and recycling companies

With the acquisition of Southcorp Packaging, Visy effectively doubled its size overnight. This enabled Visy to achieve its goal to provide, through vertical integration, world leadership in the packaging and recycling industry.

Visy was now operating across over 100 packaging and recycling sites in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. New products were also added into the mix - Visy began producing PET bottles and jars, aluminium and tinplate cans, paperboard cartons and rigid plastic packaging.

In 2009, Richard Pratt died and Anthony Pratt became Executive Chairman of Visy.

2010s - Renewable energy focus

Visy opened its second clean energy plant at Coolaroo in Victoria. The clean energy plant turns residual waste into energy to help power two on-site paper mills.


At Visy, we set out to give our customers world-class solutions. And as one of the world's largest privately-owned recycling and packaging companies, we're very well positioned to do this.

It's not just Visy's size that sets us apart. We like to think that we work smarter than our competitors too. Our recycling, papermaking and packaging operations are fully integrated, which makes the entire process more streamlined. Plus, we have built up a diverse range of products and services to solve pretty much any packaging problem. From beverage cans and food cans to PET and aseptic packaging, we can deliver whatever customers need. And even better - we do it in a way that's efficient and environmentally responsible.

We are dedicated to:

Investing in innovation

Each year, Visy invests many resources - both time and money - in research and development activities. Why? Because this is what allows us, and our customers, to keep up with the times (sometimes even ahead of them). We've developed a technology centre at our site in Coolaroo, Victoria, which helps us deliver even better outcomes in terms of packaging performance, products and services.


Investing in technology and capital equipment

We're proud to be market leaders, and want to remain at the forefront of our industry. So, we invest substantially to establish operations in new markets, and also to strengthen our position in current ones. Examples of this is the construction of Visy's kraft paper mills in Tumut, NSW, and the investment in additional packaging operations, including our Plastics business. This illustrates how committed we are to cementing Visy's status as a world-leading packaging and recycling company.


Investing in our people

Without the stewardship, commitment and talent of our people, Visy simply could not have become the company it is today. We recognise the importance of identifying, training and developing our company's best people to take our business to new heights.

It is through the dedication, skills and initiative of our people that Visy has prospered and will continue to move ahead.


Investing in customer relationships

At Visy, we believe in long-term relationships. In addition to our own team here at Visy, we understand the value of our customers and suppliers. It's essential for us to work closely together with these people to enable us to achieve goals - both theirs and our own. So, we really invest in these relationships and nurture them over time. The longer we work with a customer or supplier, the better we can understand them and anticipate their needs. It's for good reason that we aim to be the most customer-orientated and cost-effective provider in the industry. After all, without our customers, we are nothing - and by helping their businesses succeed, we hope to see ours do the same.

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